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Mutation Signatures

These are the scores of individual mutation signatures. These can include cosmic and/or custom signatures. The nnls field is the non-negative least squares contribution of the given signature

    "mutationSignature": [
            "signature": "SBS1",
            "nnls": 0.344,
            "associations": "Tobacco chewing",
            "features": "D,T",
            "numCancerTypes": 1,
            "cancerTypes": "stomach cancer",
            "selected": false,
            "kbCategory": "strong signature"
Field Type Example Description
signature (required) string "SBS1" name of the signature
associations string "Tobacco chewing" known behaviours, processes, or phenotypes that are associated with the current signature
cancerTypes string "stomach cancer"
features string "D,T"
kbCategory string "strong signature" The kb category will be used to create a categorical verion of the signature variant which can be matched and annotated against GraphKB
nnls number 0.344 non-negative lease squares
numCancerTypes integer 1
selected boolean false Flag used to determine if this signature should be highlight on the main summary page of the report

The selected field indicates if this signature should be shown on the front page of the report or not. This field can be toggled via the client interface following upload.




These will be passed to the report upload function via the images section of the JSON input


mutation signature plot

key: mutSignature.barplot.dbs

mutation signature plot

key: mutSignature.barplot.indels

mutation signature plot

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