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Circos Plots

There are a number of fields for including circos plots in the report. Circos plots are a useful way to look at an overview of variants for a particular sample.


These will be passed to the report upload function via the images section of the JSON input

Copy Number Circos Plot

key: cnvLoh.circos

This plot will be included in the copy variants section of the report


Structural Variant Circos Plots

keys: circosSv.genome, circosSv.transcriptome

These plots will be included in the structural variants section of the report


Microbial Integration Circos Plots

keys: microbial.circos.genome, microbial.circos.transcriptome

This plot has its own section, along with the microbial integration fields. It is generally used to describe viral genome integration such as HPV16.

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