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Patient Metadata

    "patientInformation": {
        "age": "",
        "biopsySite": "Description of biopsy site",
        "caseType": "Adult",
        "constitutionalProtocol": "WGS",
        "constitutionalSample": "Blood-Peripheral",
        "diagnosis": "patient disease diagnosis",
        "gender": "Male",
        "physician": "Dr. Who",
        "tumourProtocol": "WGS/RNA-Seq",
        "tumourSample": "Metastatic"

The patient information fields are listed in detail below

Field Type Example Description
age string
biopsySite string description of the biopsy site location
caseType string "Adult"
constitutionalProtocol string "WGS"
constitutionalSample string "Blood-Peripheral"
diagnosis string The patient disease diagnosis
gender string "Male"
physician string "Dr. Who" the treating (or enrolling) physician for the current patient
tumourProtocol string "WGS/RNA-seq"
tumourSample string "Metastatic"
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