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Structural Variants

Structural variants should be passed to the IPR python adapter in the main report content JSON.

    "structuralVariants": [
        // variants


Each variant is an object which may contain any of the following fields

Field Type Example Description
breakpoint (required) string "12:123456|14:1244662" description of the breakpoints involved in this structural variant
eventType (required) string "deletion" the type of underlying structural variant
exon1 (required) integer? 1 the 5' (n-terminal) exon
exon2 (required) integer? 2 the 3' (c-terminal) exon
gene1 (required) string "EWSR1" the 5' (n-terminal) gene name
gene2 (required) string "FLI1" the 3' (c-terminal) gene name
cTermTranscript string? "ENST0004.5" the 5' transcript name
conventionalName string cytogenetic descriptor
detectedIn string "DNA" the sample type(s) this SV was detected in
highQuality boolean? This structural variant has a high level of supporting evidence
nTermTranscript string? "ENST0001.2" the 3' transcript name
omicSupport boolean? flag to indicate this SV has supprt from both genome and transcriptome
svg string? svg image file content for this SV
svgTitle string? The title to accompany this SV


When the svg field contains an SVG image string this image will be displayed by the report via the actions tab (see button circled in red below). This allows the user to bring up the visualization when they are reviewing the structural variants in the report.

fusions button

Clicking this button will bring the user to a pop up showing the visualization. The visualization shown below was created with MAVIS.

fusions popup

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