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Expression Correlation

Comparator-Based Plot

keys: expression.chart, expression.legend


These will be passed to the report upload function via the images section of the JSON input

This plot represents the pairwise correlation of the RNA expression of the current sample against samples from a variety of reference distributions. Often this is used as a sanity check of the diagnosis. It is expected that the sample should correlate most highly with other samples within the disease distribution that is most closely related to the diagnosis. It is also expected that samples with a lower tumour content/purity may show correlation with their biopsy site.

expression correlation plot

An example of how this type of plot is created can be found in the scripting examples here.

Subtyping Plots

These plots are similar to the main comparator based plots but are generally smaller and include only a set of subtypes of a specific cancer type (ex. BRCA).

key: subtypePlot\.\S+

Pairwise RNA Expression Correlation

Provide a list of the most similar other samples with respect to the RNA expression profile.

     "pairwiseExpressionCorrelation": [
            "patientId": "UPLOADPAT02",
            "library": "LIB0002",
            "correlation": 0.99,
            "tumourType": "pancreatic cancer",
            "tissueType": "liver",
            "tumourContent": 15

All values expect the correlation are attributes of the sample being compared to and not the sample the report is being generated for

Field Type Example Description
correlation number 0.99 The RNA correlation between this sample and the report sample
library string "LIB002" The library name of this sample
patientId string "UPLOADPAT02" The patient ID of this sample
tissueType string "liver"
tumourContent number 15 the tumour content or purity of this sample
tumourType string "pancreatic cancer" the diagnosis of this sample
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